Boy Crush!!!!

I have a thing for little boys. How much they love their moms, how cute and flirty they can be even when they are only 5. I love the awkward boy stage when they are too old to kiss their parents but too young to sleep without a night light. I love little boys.

These three young heartthrobs I’m sure will cause many a crying girls in their due time. I photographed them on a work trip to Utah last week and loved how different they all were to photograph. One more shy than the others, one a comedian in training and one concerned about doing the right thing..posing the right way, looking the right way..not wanting to make a mistake.

Seriously so cute (but if they heard me calling them cute they would probably be totally embarrassed), so in case they can hear me, “You guys rule!”.


2 thoughts on “Boy Crush!!!!

  1. Rach,Holly Cow Girl! You are so talented. I love checking out your fabulous site. I need you to take some family picts for me (once I loose the baby weight :)Love you and miss you.Trina


  2. Beana Boo!! You had a baby!! I can’t wait to meet him.I miss you too and would love to take photos of your growing family. Can we do a family documentary of you guys on vacation or out doing something? I want real life baby!Love you!


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