Dave & Melanie’s Wedding

1 down, 2 to go. I’m glad you’ve cleared up some praying space for me Dave…and I am also glad you married Melanie. You guys are seriously such a great match. I never wanted your luncheon to end. when Dave got up and started talking about how he fell in love with mel, I was hypnotized. Dave was openly, and by his own free will and choice sharing his feelings and I never wanted it to end!!!!
The highlights of the wedding for me were:
-Mel wearing sandals in 20degree weather
-perfect lighting at the temple
-dave and mels toasts
-delicious homemade food at the reception
-the mirrored ceilings….totally awesome
-hanging out with my amazingly fun family

The whole day was a great winters jubilation….and for the record I don’t usually include photos of myself while highlighting images on my blog, but I couldn’t really resist.


One thought on “Dave & Melanie’s Wedding

  1. Hi Rachel,Those were great pictures. I wish you were my teacher. You have quick eyes for beauty. Way to go!Maly(Mel’s sister in law)


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