Peru 2007

There is no denying the pull I have when creating a photographic image. I pull towards people and color. This is not to say I am not frequently inspired by other things as well….shape, texture, the perfect stream of golden light, like a gift sent by heaven for me and only me……but eyes and color really get me. There is something so rich and expressive in both. Part of me really feels like I am cheating nature if I extract the color that is naturally found in or on something. It was probably my photography ethics class and my photojournalism class in collage that started this line of thinking. I’m already leaving out everything I decide not to include in my camera frame and I really wish I could include everything. Leaving out anything is hard….

So, this taste of the images I took in Peru last month is true to those two loves. Its hard not to feel connected when you lock eyes and lenses with a complete stranger. We may not have been able to carry on a conversation but there is definite communication…and if you browse through my other images you will see the amazing color that is found in Peruvian culture and landscape.

While is was there to hike the Inca Trail I was able to shoot for two different humanitarian organizations, Southern Cross Humanitarian and The Hope Alliance. One was in conjunction with an orphanage we brought supplies too and another was for a village assessment for future dental and medical teams to be brought out. Check out the bottom of this post to find links to the rest of the images.

I loved working with non profits and would love to take more trips like this one where I can give something I have to give. Peru was amazing and now I’m thinking Africa…..

To see more of my favorites from peru go to
more from the Sunflower Orphanage,


7 thoughts on “Peru 2007

  1. wow, you’re good at this photos caper.people are so difficult. that’s why i stick to buildings and other things that stay still and don’t have such complications like emotions!happy new year!


  2. Amazing! I am in love with the child in the hat (3 down I think). You have such a unique talent…every picture is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing these pics!


  3. Chad! I am serious when I say I’m coming!!! Give me details. What are you doing there? Who are you working for? How can I help?


  4. Rach. These pictures are breathtaking! When should I be expecting your coffee table book 🙂 Really amazing work! I want you to go to India for me.I would love to have some georgeous shots of my kids there. LOVE TUNS, Trina


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