Sundance, Moondance

I realized looking at the sundance photos I was about to post, they were all dark, all taken at night….not very SUNdancy if you ask me. Why is the film festival called sundance anyhow? I should google that.

In January (which seems like it was 3 years ago) I shot up at sundance for Getty Images. It was…interesting. I shot a lot at screenings and some weird parties, but I did get to work at a couple of cool venues. The images I am posting are from a party that was hosted for the documentary group. If I get around to it I will post some images from a music party I shot there as well.



3 thoughts on “Sundance, Moondance

  1. Robert Redford owns the Sundance Hotel and the film festival is his big idea. One of his first big roles was the Sundance Kid and they filmed in down in Utah. So when he bought to property he named it Sundance.


  2. very good nathan, but why was the movie called “the sundance kid”? It must be a native american reference, no? Maybe it means nothing more than what it sounds like.oh, and how are you?


  3. Good question Rachel, I’m glad you asked. The movie was called Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The character was named Sundance ona counta’ his 18 months spent in prison in Sundance, Wyoming. Why was that town in Wyoming called Sundance? Obviously, you’ve never been in Wyoming at sunrise.


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