pirates cove 2008

10+ years ago this was a spring break dream. there was never any thought to any other place we would rather go. there was no place better. now 10yrs later, there is still no place better. I’m usually not one for staying at one place more than a couple of days, but I can honestly say I could spend 2 weeks at pirates cove and still not have had enough time.

the slides, the pool side chairs, the weather, the water temperature, grilling meat, smores, the views, the TV’s, the waterproof remote control, the babies…..all the adorable babies, the music, the blue floaty mats, cold water in every fridge, the ice cream machine, the hammocks….oh the hammocks, the hammock up top, the hammocks over the pool, the hot tubs, going double down the slide, the rattlesnakes, the misty fans, the mermaid and merman club, all the stairs, high school girlfriends all grown up with beautiful families…..

we loved pirates cove!! thank you to beana and her family for being so fun and generous. We missed captain jack (aka: craig) but felt nothing but love for the fabulous hiatus he created.
here are some highlights from the weekend. (you may recognize one of my usual muses….love that face.)


7 thoughts on “pirates cove 2008

  1. rach, this looks awesome! Tell Grant that I think he looks like a total stud in these pics. (well, in real life too, but your amazing talent just brings it out so well)! I’m glad you got some R&R. love ya, em


  2. Rach, you captured the place perfectly (and described it even better 🙂 Thanks for spending the weekend with us, and for bringing your fabulous muse. I am so happy that I can now put a personality to that hansom head I always see in your shots. I LOVE YOU TO PIECES! (but also sort of hate you for your brilliant tanning abilities 🙂 Hope to see you soon. LOVE TRINA BEAN


  3. Rach, These pictures are amazing! I seriously don’t know how you take such good ones. You are truly talented! I love the one of my little bella with her baby blues peeking over the towell. I need a copy of that! I am so glad we got to spend the weekend together. I have missed you and loved getting to know Grant. You are honestly the best match!I love you tons. Let me know when you are in town again so we can get together.


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