where’s the bacon?

so, I was searching online for tips on roasting a whole pig…because I wanted to roast one in my backyard (that’s normal, right?)…

I wanted to roast a pig so I could eat more of the delicious pork I love like this:

but, then I saw this photo and my pork loving palette was set into a tail spin…

Then to add insult to injury, I came across this tear jerker…

now, I just feel confused. why do I want to eat little pigs?! WHY!!


5 thoughts on “where’s the bacon?

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Rachel. They want you to eat them. Pigs are sad when they don’t get eaten. It’s like the kid who gets picked last for kickball.


  2. What about Wilbur? What about the webbed phras of “Some pig” so lovingly spun by Charlotte?…but what about bacon??…..ahh


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