seattle day 1

kind of frustrated because I can’t upload my raw and film images to post, so here are some from the p&s. better than nothing I guess. seattle is awesome. went to experience music project and ate a the 5 points. fell asleep at 8pm. today getting ready to visit some falls and eat a 4 course breakfast. whats up!!!?!! then on to rob’s wedding. loving this work trip!

4 thoughts on “seattle day 1

  1. Who is that amazingly hot couple? Oh wait its you! You are beautiful! Now will you bring Grant down so we can meet him already? THANKS!


  2. Are you going to Snoqualmie? If you are eat some of the oats and fresh berries for me. I am soo jealous!! tell Grant wazzzzuuuppp!! from me and Faith. Love you.


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