little gems

camp is over. I came home and took a nap for 3 hrs and then proceeded to sleep from 9pm that night till 9am the next morning. I think I was tired.

yesterday I was happy to be home but still in a girls camp haze…missing their hugs and conversation. missing the spirit they had. missing all the great leaders I worked with. we did it! and now I think I will rest for the next few months.

I have a one track mind which involves catching up with posting past events. once I am caught up, more girls camp…


3 thoughts on “little gems

  1. You did it!!! I bet you feel so good to know you accomplished such a big thing. I loved girls camp!! I hope you have a fun week with Kate and Anna. Love ya!!


  2. This picture is WONDERFUL! I am anxiously awaiting the rest of them. Rachel, great work! It turned out wonderfully and everyone loved it!! Rave reviews all around! It was a privelege to work with you; so devoted to those cute girls!


  3. steph,we did do it!! its feels good..but believe you me, it would have NEVER happened without miss,without you this camp wouldn’t have happened. you are an amazing leader and person. I have so much more I can learn from you! all my love to you richard and sarah!


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