nellie & kent- wedding day/part 1

this couple has been waiting patiently to see their wedding pictures for weeks and to reward them I am going to post their images in 3 parts!….I act like this is for them but really there are SO many I loved that I can’t narrow them done to 1 post…lets just say I took “a lot” of photographs on their wedding day.

ceremony: redlands temple
day of the week: saturday
number of family/friends in attendance: can’t count that high
temperature: at least 105
level of awesomness: high to very high.


4 thoughts on “nellie & kent- wedding day/part 1

  1. they’re SO gorgeous. I wish I would have known you before my wedding… one day maybe i’ll convince my hubby to re-do our photos…or maybe I’ll fly you to hawaii soon!


  2. nicole,if you fly me to hawaii you will NOT regret it. I am way fun in hawaii and if it helps will wear a moo-moo the whole time. think it over.-rach


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