nellie & kent- wedding day/part 3

we thought it would be nice to hit some of the hot spots in town before the reception and I am glad we did. we got some great stuff. the library shots are kind of X-rated…sorry about that…well not really that sorry because they pretty much rule. steamy. steamy. can that please happen to me in a library someday?


5 thoughts on “nellie & kent- wedding day/part 3

  1. hi! just have to say i love love LOVE looking at your pics! i check back every once in a while on your blog here to see what fun, new material you have up. also, i think i remember grant from when i was at byu, we were in the same ward or something. i think he hung out with cort and dan and adam and those guys. or maybe he played volleyball or soccer or something with my husband, bruce… can’t remember now. but anyway, your pics are GORGEOUS! if you are ever in mexico city, i hope you come calling! oh, i would hire you in a heartbeat!


  2. k, i want that library shot!! Oh, and though I won’t be jacking images from your site I did put your link on my blog so all my friends will see it…although i seem to have a lot of friends that think themselves photographers, and though they are better than yours truly: YOU take the cake! Miss your inspiring self!


  3. Rach, I LOVE the sexy library shot. That should happen to everyone! My other favorite is the couple on the bench, groom’s head on bride’s lap, and the sun rays enveloping them. beautiful. seriously beautiful. You are the best!


  4. ok, sexy library shots for everyone!!!you married ladies need to teach the newly weds what it is like to be in a REAL relationship. the shot will encompass everything you wish you would have been brave enough to do on your own wedding day. I’m serious. email me.


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