nellie & kent- wedding day/part 4

I said I was only going to post three parts to this wedding..well couldn’t. here is the last and final one. I’m going to miss looking at kent and nellie’s faces everyday. maybe you two should come on up to LA and hang out on my trampoline?

***note to the people who sabotage the getaway car at weddings…at this wedding they put the car on blocks so when they thought they were going to drive away they went nowhere. sad..and pretty excruciating to watch…but I think it was a sabotage success. I’ve seen a lot at weddings but this was a first.


4 thoughts on “nellie & kent- wedding day/part 4

  1. Rach… awesome and well done. This wedding looks fantastic, and I still adhere to my comment that you just keep getting better. I kind of want to get married all over again just so I can have you come and take more beautiful pictures… we love you.


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