colorado- august 2008

we had family reunion time with the porters in colorado springs and can I just say, colorado springs is great! small, but not too small. clean, but not too clean. old, but not too old. we hit some of the old stomping grounds… manitu (and the natural mineral water that is fizzy), garden of the gods and good quality time at gma and gpa porters house. We then left one porch swing to visit another in boulder. grant’s uncle corky and aunt melanie welcomed us into their wonderland for a couple of nights. they are amazing artists and their home is a reflection of the amazingly creative heads they live in…so colorful and thoughtful. There was no mistaking who’s home you were in. I loved it. I could have stayed for months.


3 thoughts on “colorado- august 2008

  1. hi this heather and i met you at nellie’s wedding. i am friends with nellie and grant (went to church with him for a long time). i read your last blog and just want you to know that i am from c springs which is why i am so cool. just kidding, colorado is amazing but growing up in colorado springs was as good as it gets and your description of it, perfect! i love your photography and appreciated so much this blog entry, made me feel nostalgic.


  2. um seriously, not being nice one bit, these images are fantastic. seriously. your vision is so great.i would pay money for that first diptych in my house…


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