on my way here…

..and I don’t feel very bad about it. In fact I feel pretty great about it.

I go from the aloha state to the beehive state and back to the great state of california on the 12th. you can reach me by phone and email. mahalo.


5 thoughts on “on my way here…

  1. loving you!!!eat some of the weird stuff that you like…. i forget the name, but we drove all over hilo to try and find it. i know it has pig in it.and eat a papaya with lime… mmmmmmm :)ps. super jealous!


  2. heath,lau lau!!! h-ll yeah!!! we will always have hilo…em,miss you so much too! sorry I haven’t called in awhile!to both of you, jump on a flight and meet me there!! I love you both!


  3. I wish I was harry potter, and I could apparate to my sisters on a secluded beach. Please eat some papaya for me. And Kalua THE pig. And get Banana Joes. And just be awesome. And give Grandma and Grandpa Steve my love.


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