creep me out, PLEASE!

all I wanted was to take a graveyard tour this last weekend, when I discovered los angeles doesn’t have NIGHT time tours (due to safety, permits, blah, blah, blah!!). who wants to walk through a graveyard at noon? not this gal. so I suggested sneaking into one….I think purr was the only one who supported the idea. he also suggested we try to get abducted. that’s what I’m talking about!! what can I do that’s really scary for halloween? ideas….


5 thoughts on “creep me out, PLEASE!

  1. Go to Scotland and get a tour from a Mrs. Hughes lookalike in the Covenanter’s graveyard….then the Mackenzie poltergeist will get you.


  2. in edinburgh I went on an haunted underground city tour and one of the ladies in our group starting crying because she felt spirits…I believed her. can we go back there together?


  3. devon,such a anderson boy response! and you were right. we tried it last night. super fun! I found starting by hitting the hobo with a stick works great.thanks for the idea!


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