jenny & baby battlestar

introducing my soon to be sister in law, with darren making a guest appearance (g’s brother) and the real show stopper, little baby bump! our very own baby battlestar! my cute cuddly, mad over his aunt rachel, soon to be nephew!

photographing and looking at these images truly remind me how blessed I am to be adding these people to my life.

jenny has been such a positive influence on me this past year and a half. she is one of the most Christ like people I know. so forgiving. so generous. so accepting. she is a magnificent mother, wife, woman and sister. her smile makes me smile and her love helps me feel welcomed into her and her family’s life. I love darren for being so kind to me and for showing his desire to be close to family. I love chasen for showing so much inner strength amidst life’s challenges. I love jori for tenderly letting me know I’m needed. it wasn’t long after grant and I started dating seriously that jori said to me “I hope you and grant are always together”, when I asked her why, she responded, “because I don’t want to lose you”. is there a better compliment coming from a child? I love tani for her energy, personality and bright spirit. AND I love baby battlestar. I look forward to him making messes, screaming all day long, peeing on everything in sight and me still melting every time when he looks at me with his perfect little face.

jenny, thanks for adding so much beauty to my life. I love you.


4 thoughts on “jenny & baby battlestar

  1. This is one of my all time favorite ever maternity portrait sessions! Not a single uni-boob wrap or scarf of any kind! I also love love love how fabulous she looks without even taking any clothes off. WOW! What a Babe, what a baby, and what a photographer!


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