honey beach moon hut

(photo somewhere in french polynesia borrowed from here)

today I have been a woman obsessed with beach bungalows.

fiance and I are thinking of a south of the equator honeymoon….or at least somewhere warm….currently most thought about places are maldives, bora bora, india and indonesia. we both decided we wanted our honeymoon to be somewhere neither of us has been.

I have my heart set on some combination of hammocks, white linens, outdoor shower, amazing food, secluded local, mosquito netting etc. it doesn’t have to be fancy, but we don’t want to be without hot water and a comfy bed. oh, and it would be a plus if it was affordably priced

any suggestions?

where did you go on your honeymoon? what do you wish you would have done differently? know of any great little beach huts?


4 thoughts on “honey beach moon hut

  1. You should consider the island of Culebra off of Puerto Rico. You have to fly to Puerto Rico then take a ferry to the island.It has one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen on camera or in person. The water is still clear at 20 feet plus. White sand beaches. I don’t know about accomodations, but it is relatively innexpensive and plus G. can use his Espanish.Indonesia is also amazing, and I’d have a recommendation, but you will spend a day and a half getting there, and the same getting back from the place I am thinking of.


  2. we went to tahiti…it was pricey, but we got a good deal. used a travel agent, which might not have been the smartest. it was beautiful…very hot, we got married in the winter here, which was summer there. 3 years next week…when’s the wedding? huh? huh? i thought i would fall in love and always want to be there, but i love europe! hope that helps…you can always come by and see our pics.one of my friends just rented this fab house in guatemala that is super secluded…from a new york times writer…you been there?


  3. How about Tavarua Fiji! Paul has a few spots left on his trip… PARADISE and SURFING! We leave June 6th -13th. Email me back if you want pricing.


  4. ALL great ideas! this helps. thanks for the input. I haven’t ever been to guatemala…or fiji, but missy we can’t wait till june to take a honeymoon..maybe we’ll have to come with you as a second honeymoon!


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