tree vs. stars

my honeymoon destination search brought to light a few more possibilities…

…like staying in a TREE HOUSE!

I loved swiss family robinson as a young thing and was very intrigued with the inner workings of living in a tree house. I’ve always wanted a master bedroom with a “roll away” ceiling so you could just sleep under the stars. no 5 star hotel could beat that. I love this idea.

read more about tree house hotels here or here.

…or what about this! a luxury safari camp in africa! I’m not sure how you would be protected from the wild animals but who cares if you can really get this view!

last but not least, SPACE. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before. seems perfectly reasonable. book your flight to outer space here.


7 thoughts on “tree vs. stars

  1. I am loving those tree houses. Sign me up!! I just added that to my “must do in my life time” list. but . . . do you think they are full of bugs? We once stayed in a treehouse in Africa, it over looked a watering hole. Once you were in you had to stay in cause the wild animals came to the watering hole to drink. Well, Me, Trina and my Mom went to go to the bathroom after dinner and a SWARM of termites had flown in . . . we’re talking 100’s maybe 1000’s. Every surface in the bathroom was covered with them. The swarm flies into a tree and then they drop their wings and start eating the wood . . . and they are big, about half a pinky long. I don’t know if this was a freak thing or a regular occurance, but definitely something to look into. Nothing kills the romance like 1000’s of termites crawling on every surface. =)


  2. wow. thanks for the warning! that sounds disgusting, but I can just see the three of you laughing your heads off. you wild women you.have you ever stayed in a great beach bungalow? I can’t find the perfect one…


  3. If I were to take my Honeymoon today I would go to Positano Italy. I only saw it from a boat ride, but both my Mom and my Dad (independent of each other since they haven’t been there together) say it is one of the coolest, most romantic places they have ever been. It looks incredible from the boat and the surrounding little towns were out of a story book. And the food is AWESOME in Italy. But . . . it’s not a beachy beachy location. So maybe not what you are looking for.


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