when we were 90 days until the wedding, I had an idea….paper chain!!

neither of us could remember the last time we had made one, but kindergarten was ringing bells. so after the cutting and counting we each took 45 rings and wrote down the reasons why we are excited to marry the other person. I know you are thinking that is the number 1 most cheesy gaga thing to do, because it is….BUT taking turns tearing rings off every night and being reminded why we love each other and why we are choosing to be together has been an amazing exercise in being present and focusing on the most important part of wedding planning…each other.



5 thoughts on “countdown

  1. Love it!! Got me thinking about the last chain I made . . . It was when I was pregnant with River and I made it when I still have over a hundred days to go. That chain wrapped around our master bedroom TWICE!! It was a NIGHTMARE!! But your love chain . . . totally different story. I wish I had a love chain right now!


  2. so cheesy and so FUN!!i know i am late in the game with this post, but i love this.matty and i did one too…… great minds think alike and sometimes need to be reminded every once in a while why we are doing what we are doing!! :)love you


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