hello mr. president

(photo source)

just watched him be sworn in with tears in my eyes. It just felt so good. I even started the process with a dream last night where I explained my support for him to a car full of family driving up a mountain side.

now, lets see what happens.


4 thoughts on “hello mr. president

  1. I wish. I’m sure they are sold out now….but the print is beautiful and it’s signed?! do you already have yours? where are you displaying it?


  2. I love this man too. It was awesome to see him today. I love the thought of his beautiful little girls living in the white house. Yay for America!


  3. wow…definitely didn’t vote for the man, but i did have a very reassuring dream about him last thursday night… random that you did as well…maybe he’s the change we need…maybe…i’m still non-committal.. kinda like him pre dem party nomination…oh, and did i mention that i heart you?


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