matt and ananda’s engagements

It is so fun photographing friends. I am so happy for them and can really feel the great connection, love and respect they have for each other… how good looking?!!! va va voom! they were naturals. so easy..too easy.

we took their engagements at the getty in los angeles. it was a beautiful saturday night and I really enjoyed being able to be outside, taking photos and hanging out with two people I really like. how great was the light? I was in hazy, flare heaven. never thought warm golden light could make a girl so happy.

3 weeks and counting! I felt butterflies when I typed that. are we all getting married in a few short weeks?! let’s get our marriage on!



6 thoughts on “matt and ananda’s engagements

  1. Love them! You can see how much they adore eachother and how much fun they have together. But they make me hate my engagement and wedding photos even more then I already did. Mine are those lame posed matchy outfit ones. BLAH!! What were we thinking!?!?!??!? I think we even had a river flowing in the background. double blah!!


  2. hey…..your photos never fail to amaze me….as for the couple, i wish them all the best….there is an indian phrase, “kisi ki nazar na lage…”


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