in memory

last night we heard the news that grant’s brother in law died in motorcycle accident.

he leaves behind a beautiful wife and 6yr old son.

he was a man full of laughter and generosity.

this weekend we had a particularly interesting look at the fragile nature of life. on saturday, a new nephew was born and on sunday, mark passed away. both events make my mundane list of tasks today seem so unimportant….but my life as a whole much more meaningful.

our prayers and sincere support and love go to heather and jacob.


5 thoughts on “in memory

  1. I am so very sorry for your family’s loss Rachel. How horribly sad. I hope Heather and Jacob can find some comfort in the support of family.


  2. Rach and Grant, I am so sorry to hear about your brother in law. Such sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family.


  3. I am so sorry for your sister-in-law and rest of the family. Having lost my brother from a motorcycle accident, I can attest to the grief you are all going through! I wish there could be some words of comfort. Yes, life is short and too many times we focus on the unimportant.


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