tribe rokker porter

born february 7th, 2009, 1:43 pm. at 6lbs he was so small he looked like all body and no legs! we weren’t there until a few hours after the birth….and the natural light was gone (boo), but I still think we got some adorable photos despite the harsh overhead lighting. listen to me!! complaining about lighting! what is my problem?! A BABY WAS BORN! I think I was a bit of a holding hog, and grant was getting funny ideas about me being more ready for kids than I let on… big decision at a time please!

tribe we love you and already miss you! all day yesterday I would keep randomly asking grant, “where’s the baby?”….and after he responding a million times, “I know, you miss him…he’s in orange county”….he finally stopped responding, but I kept asking, “where’s the baby?”. I couldn’t help myself. I love myself some newborn baby.


6 thoughts on “tribe rokker porter

  1. oh no! i’m in love. i was great with three ’til these pics. now i’ve got baby #4 on the brain. off to check out my swollen, puffy preggo pics and dampen my enthusiasm…


  2. Rach, your birth portraits are sincerely some of the most intimate and emotional photography I’ve ever seen. I’m at a loss for words… again…


  3. i echo noelle about making us almost baby-hungry (even though if you had heard me ranting the other day to my husband about never having another…) but seriously. you have captured these spectacular first moments incredibly. i love to write, and when i had belén, i thought, there are absolutely no words to describe this kind of [pain] and joy. but your intimate pictures of newborns and new mothers are right there… you are so talented.


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