happy birthday grant!

couldn’t find an old photo of him blowing out candles, but since he loves costumes I was hoping this photo could inspire an outfit for tonight.

happy 31st to the coolest dude in my life!

he does read this blog (although he doesn’t comment much…usually because I am looking over his shoulder bossing him around on the computer), so lets show him some birthday love on rachelthurston.blogspot.com! why are you glad grant was born?

and just for old times sake let’s check out this gem of a blog. probably his best quote of all time and truer with each year that passes.



12 thoughts on “happy birthday grant!

  1. happy birthday, grant! my most significant memory about you from college is that you made a lot of king henry girls swoon. maybe even a few of the guys. i can’t be sure.


  2. Happy Birthday Grant! We are glad you were born because 1. You love my Rachel. 2. You are a cool cat and we wish you could be around nyc more often… like every day.


  3. That is the cutest picture! Grant, I love you because you are so good for Rachel. You seem like a very wonderful guy (I wish we could have hung out more than once) and I can’t wait for your wedding. You have amazing hair, such beautiful eyes, and a catching smile, and best of all, you let Rachel take your picture whenever! Hope your day was amazing.


  4. I’m glad that Grant was born because he is so hot. So, therefore, by him being my friend, I look a little cooler. Plus, he is way totally awesome. And I love him. And I love to squeeze his bum. Oh no, I’ve said too much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANTYPOO.


  5. you lived in King Henry?! ha… Happy Birthday Grantie Panties. I love you and love that you are so genuine. You make weird returned missionaries feel comfortable to go for a jog and make my sister smile. Hope this year is epic. 🙂


  6. You guys are so awesome. Thank you for all the well-wishing and the niceties (sp?). You guys are truly too kind. I never lived in King Henry but I did attend that ward my sophomore year although I doubt I made anyone swoon. I hope one day the rest of you guys start recognizing me for some real talents or laudable attributes like Caroline did. Thanks for making my day special.


  7. happy birthday grant. for your gift, i give you an unbroken hot tub to sit in. (please call first just in case it really is broken. again.)


  8. oh grant… okay, i’m a tad late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!you may not have good memories of me, but mine of you are all sweet. you were always so kind and welcoming when i moved down there. you were loyal to your friends. you were always smiling and hilarious. you got along with everybody and were never too cool to make someone feel good. you were a good balance of fun + the gospel : ) and i remember once i was over at the boys’ house and you had spent the night, and there you were, early, early in the morning, quietly reading your tiny scriptures before going out to surf. that’s how i remember you. and now, i’m so happy you and rachel found each other–i don’t technically know her : ) (one day i hope!!) but the personality that emanates from her art is easily lovable. a million candle wishes to you both.


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