today I am wife

off to brazil!! be back in a couple weeks! xo.


6 thoughts on “today I am wife

  1. Beautiful and creative wedding you two!!! We had a great time, and hope you are having an even better one on your honeymoon! You deserve the best one in the history of the world!!!!!!!


  2. yay, i am the first one to comment! congrats Rachel!! you look beautiful in the pictures!! i am so happy for you!!so, you emailed me forever ago and it went to my junk mail folder and i finally saw it and i have been meaning to email you since! how are you? big hugs and congrats again!!!


  3. We got your announcement, love it. Amy showed us pictures, and we are bummed we missed it. We are going to be out there the week of April 8th and would love to see you guys. Hope you are having a great time in Brazil.


  4. In case you didn’t realize this yet (because I didn’t when this happened on my blog), photobucket took off all your pictures. So lame. They said my bandwidth was exceeded as well even though I never uploaded more pictures. They’re trying to force you into a pro account, which you sort of have to do if you want all the pictures to come back up. I think you can just pay for one month though. Boo to photobucket. I’m switching to flickr.


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