back to reality

(ilha de boipeba)

we are back from our honeymoon to brazil….. sort of. I am in what I like to call “honeymoon hibernation”. I can’t seem to shake the need to sip cool drinks and laze about however I please.

we had a great time exploring brazil. I shot only and all film and I can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you…..and I will… as soon as I take a nap and lay in the sun some more.


6 thoughts on “back to reality

  1. my fellow ‘rachel thurston’ blog stalkers and i are dying… DYING… for your wedding pics. for your brazilian pics. for ALL your pics. we can hardly stand it. congratulations, rachel, on stepping into the realm of eternal married love! wishing you and grant all the best and brightest. xoxo.


  2. As a fellow stalker, I have to agree with Noelle. This single picture, however poster perfect it is, simply does not satisfy our need. I know you are overwhelmed, so I will try to remain patient. Love you Rach, it was nice talking to you today!


  3. Congrats Rachel! I’m stoked to see your photos from Brazil and stoked that you shot all film. Film is alive! You should always stay in honeymoon hibernation. It sounds fantastic.


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