selective editing

ok, so you all know what I’m talking about when I bring up “perfect life” blogs….right? the blogs out there that make you think you seriously have problems. the blogs that make you wonder why you’re the only person that has a bad attitude and cellulite. “perfect life” blogs show only smiles, and bliss and good looking people with perfect fashion and loads of money and endless supplies of creativity. “perfect blogs” are not perfect. they lie.

so, I know this blog of mine is mainly used to showcase photography with occasional personal information. because of this I don’t usually vent all of my frustrations or woes through my blog….I don’t know…I guess I think it might not be, professional?

well, it’s been a pretty rough week, and not from the outside, but from the inside. I have thought a lot about the meaning my life has…or doesn’t have. I’ve struggled wondering if I’m doing enough, doing the right things or if you can even call what I’m doing, “doing”. I have been bugged with work, home and husband. SHOCKER! my life is not perfect…at least not this week.

I just thought you all should know, so you won’t ever mistake my blog as a “perfect life” blog. It’s easier to show the happy and sunshine, and I think that’s the stuff most people want to see, but I know sometimes it’s comforting to be reminded we are all editing. we bloggers select what you see and read and what you don’t. remembering that already helps me feel better.

here is to being imperfect! cheers!

(this is maybe the most hideous photo I have ever seen of myself….for your enjoyment. taken on my imac a few years back to document an extremely ill moment. believe me it took some courage to post this…I don’t even know who reads this blog…except for noelle and my mom. I hope this cheers someone up.)

14 thoughts on “selective editing

  1. Thanks for posting this, Rach. I’m one of those people who rarely posts anything bad on her blog, but it’s more because I don’t like dwelling on the negative. You are right about the editing thing. People are editing their lives for everyone all the time, and not just on blogs. It took a lot of courage for you to post that photo! I may do something similar if I can muster up the guts… I miss our talks about life and the universe in the old studio.


  2. what?!? you’re NOT perfect?? there you go dashing all my preconceived notions…though i am definitely cheered… ’cause you mentioned my NAME! thrill me! yes, i am an avid reader of this beautiful, creative and inspiring rachel thurston blog. :)but on a serious note, it’s good to feel sad sometimes. and frustrated and angry and crazy and unreasonable and foot-stomping rage. and then to express it. it’s… healthier, no? letting it all out. it makes room for the good, sunshine-y always inspire me. (and here’s to opposition in all things). xoxo.


  3. amen sister! huzzah for imperfect. thanks for your honesty and courage. the sun will come out tomorrow. and if not tomorrow, maybe the next day!


  4. HI Rachel. I look at your blog frequently and I love your work! Thank you so much for this post.It was exactly what I needed to read, but cause what you wrote was exactly how I was feeling, except i didn’t connect the “perfect life” blog was selective and embellished, I was just thinking, “Man, why am I so boring?” I appreciate your honestly and your courage, It’s much easier to paint everything a rosy picture, but I think this post shows that you are a strong and thoughtful person.You’ve definitely cheered me up today, and offered me a pearl of wisdom on life’s perspective.


  5. oh how i love YOU, this POST, and the TITLE of this post. you put it perfectly. SELECTIVE EDITING.i forget too easily that bloggers can choose, select, what we see and read and what we don’t. they can even airbrush the wrinkles away. i compare my weaknesses to others’ strengths. i compare my lazy, rainy, catch-up-on-others’-blogs and don’t-change-outta-my-pj afternoons with other people’s spring break pictures to cabo and san lucas. sigh… thank you, rachel thurston. porter. needed this today. (and not just bc it really is rainy out, and i really am going to put my cozy sweats back on, and i really am catching up on a few blogs…)


  6. but wait…your “hideous” picture is not hideous…you still look beautiful…But I’m with you Damn the perfect blogs, damn them.


  7. LoVE this post…I’m also an avid reader/looker as well but rarely comment (so as not to look like a stalker:) Noelle and I were roomies at King Henry and sorta new Grant a lifetime ago… anyway, i love your blog and your little blue house and this “hideous” photo…makes the rest of feel a little more normal, and justified in our daily feelings of…”do i do anything important.” well just so you know… your photos inspire. chin up.


  8. I love you people. I’m glad my hideous photo did not go to waste.listen, truth be told my blog will continue to be mostly positive. I’m trying to run a business here…I’m sure most of you understand. that doesn’t mean I won’t still be brutally honest when needed! I’m not sure many others enjoy “telling it like it is”, as much as me.all of your comments have already helped to turn my mood. thanks for reading and looking and putting up with my occasional breakdowns.eskimo kisses to everyone!


  9. I know what you mean. I often don’t post the bad because I don’t want to have everyone reading about my problems and frustrations… though it’s my blog, I don’t want everyone in my [what should be] personal business. That, and I also prefer dwelling on the positive… I save the negative for my own thoughts and my paper journal… and my husband/family.I often feel that what I’m doing is not important at all, so I know what you mean. But just know that I am often inspired by your photos, and though I don’t know you in real life, I think you seem like a really nice person. I wish good things your way, and I hope you have a great rest-of-the-week.


  10. this is why i love my rach! here is to cellulite, lack of creativity, godzilla kicking the hell out of your ribs, mug shots, and feeling alone…………at the end of the day though you really do have it all!!! i miss you, lets runaway to hawaii, eat that weird lau lau that you like and take a break. you can deliver beyonce on the beach! i love you for being YOU!


  11. Thank you thank you… I think this is very true to most every blog and I sometimes have to stop myself and think the same thing, they are “editing”ps..i could for sure take a way photo that is way uglier. You look tan and blue eyed here. not so much ugly i think.


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