some favorites

here is a screen shot from the macbook with some of our favorite wedding images.

thanks jon. you did us proud.


6 thoughts on “some favorites

  1. gorgeous!!! and so fun! i really, really, really love your beach bridal skirt. you are a darling pair. thanks for sharing! it looked like a perfect day.


  2. cameron kelly. great friend and movie maker extraordinaire, currently residing in nyc. do you know him?


  3. Hi RachelI don’t know if you remember me from school but, I saw the pictures of your wedding on Jon’s website(he is actually my neighbor) Congrats! Just thought I would say Hi and that you are an amazing photographer!Take care-Brittany


  4. so fun! and gorgeous!! and happy. and beautiful. and a million other pretty adjectives. these pictures show so much in-love-ness : )


  5. brittany,of course I remember you! what a beautiful family you have! you look so happy. thanks for visiting my blog. I love jon. give callie a hug for me.


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