laura & courtney- san diego, ca wedding

there are a lot of images in this post because…well…they deserved it. brides with dimples get lots of photos posted on the blog.

amazing, down to earth couple. gorgeous sunny weather. delightful details and delicious food. one happy photographer.

thanks laura and court for letting me stick my camera in your face all day. I quite enjoyed it.

ps. most are color shots. I can’t help myself!

to see more and to order prints go here.

9 thoughts on “laura & courtney- san diego, ca wedding

  1. wow. all the details, all the color. these photos make me feel like i was there. i wish i was there… that food looked heavenly. and the bride was gorgeous. this was an amazing set. i always feel like your photos are so magical.


  2. Love that eye! Good heavens! The group shots are creative (and that’s no easy task); the details look delicious; and the lens flares–oh those lens flares! It looks like magic.


  3. I am in LOVE with this wedding. You always make me love every wedding. Like Noey said, your photos are always so magical. And yet real, at the same time. I love it I love it. And you’re right–a bride with such cute dimples deserves a long post of photos : ) I seriously loved experiencing her wedding thru you!!!


  4. Mmmm I love the cupcakes.And how happy and pretty everyone looks.Put that on the list for my wedding.In 50 years.(this is Anna, btw)love.


  5. absolutely stunning. this bride deserved her day in the clouds. what a beautiful wedding and you captured it deliciously.


  6. I agree, beautiful wedding and beautiful couple.I love the idea of “magical” photos. can I be the harry potter of weddings?


  7. Hi Rachel, I’m Jennifer Mecham. You might know my brother Nate Mecham, one of Kate’s good friends. But I just wanted to comment on your pictures. You are an Amazing Photographer and I really enjoy looking at your work! They are always Amazing! Your pictures have given me a lot of inspiration! I’m going to school for photography,I’m still in my VERY early stages and have a lot to learn. But I was wondering if you had any advise for me? You can e-mail me at or visit my blog, it has a few of the pictures I’ve taken. Thanks a ton! Jenn


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