mama, I love you.

(photo taken by jonathan canlas)

Dear Mom,

I really loved it when you put those notes in our lunches. they were so random and happy…I always felt special.
I loved making your bed with you and getting to lie on the bed as you threw the warm clean top sheet over me.
I love eating tomatoes with you with a little salt and a little pepper.
I love staying up late with you so I can see you laugh till you cry.
I love that you NEVER gossip about anyone.
I love that you take moments to savor beautiful things…like the sound of crickets or the light creeping over the mountains.
I love how down to earth you are. You are the least superficial person I know.
I love how commented you are to the gospel, but still have such a open mind.
I love the security I feel with you. you have seen me and held me in my worst of times.
I love that you forgive me.
I love that you never give up on me.
I love all the things you’ve taught me about perspective, patience and humility.
I love how neither of us get sick of watching “all mine to give” or “roman holiday”.
I love your hands and your feet.
I love how short you are.
I love your creative mind…your writing, your stories.
you inspire me and I love you.

happy mother’s day to you. I really lucked out during the selection process.

(ps. now you have to make a comment. don’t be scared. we all love and adore you. it can be my mother’s day gift. I WILL be a mother someday!)


3 thoughts on “mama, I love you.

  1. Wow Rachel. Beautiful. Having boys means I never get anything like this 🙂 I’ll just enjoy your mom’s tribute as if it were mine. However, I did get a really pretty Rebecca necklace 🙂


  2. oh i love this list. i want to meet your mother almost as much as i’d love to meet you : ) you both have great smiles!!


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