one of my favorites

(photo by the one and only jonathan canlas)

jon’s awesome photography is going to make our tootsies famous. see us here!

6 thoughts on “one of my favorites

  1. I DO NOT HATE YOUR FEET! I don’t “hate” anything. (that is too strong of a word)….but your dancing fungus feet?….might have not been my favorite. who could blame me?!!


  2. i love you two. one of my playlists is called "in the hammock"…. and this picture fits PERFECTLY : ) sand, love, feminine knees and all : ) i love naming my playlists. there's also "pancakes&naps" for sunday music. and "ratatouille" for cooking. and "postcards" for my int'l musica : ) "red.stiletto" for getting ready for a night out. "lingerie.on.a.hanger" for… lalala ; ) and "red galoshes," "trestles beach," "salty&sunkissed," "rain & a tin roof," "wet paint," "country roads"… etc etc. if you can't tell, i can be musically moody. or maybe i'm just moody : ) jk.


  3. audrey- sometimes we are the same person (expect you are way cooler). I love “mood” music. I heard once that you should listen to music 1 notch above your mood to inspire you. if you are sad listening to super happy music does not help. now I am obsessed with finding the right song for the mood I am in. I love your playlist names! I need to borrow that idea…or make you send me copies! great idea me!


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