tess & adam- reception- coto de caza




so many images I wanted to post from this wedding, I had to divide them into groups.

tess’s mom is an amazing events planner. I need to get her details so I can pass them along. every detail was so well thought out…from the food to the lighting and decor…and check out that mushroom cake! totally unique and tasty! I had a few pieces of different cake before I left and one of them was a chocolate cake with passion fruit filling. WHAT?! it was probably the best cake I have ever eaten.

a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful couple.

tess and adam, I wish you a long happy life together filled with fungi and sparkly lights.

ps. notice the heart the lights above the cake made in the pool?! tender.


17 thoughts on “tess & adam- reception- coto de caza

  1. Rachel – I echo Mr. Canlas’ comment above. These are mag worthy. Editorial candy. Email me if you want to send them to Martha. I know people. I’m sure you do too. xoox Whit (of Matt and Heather)


  2. love all the details. i'm passing this on to a friend who is brainstorming ideas for a homestyle country wedding. inspiring!


  3. Rachel,As I have said many times, I loved working with you and you did a beautiful photography job :)Jane – Brooke, of inchmark.squarepress.com designed our wedding announcements. She is great!LuluTrixieBelle – my mom works for herself, she did everything with volunteer/friend power :)Stacey – Yes, it is a close friend's home. She maintains a beautiful garden.Thanks for all the great comments!I love reading them :)Tess


  4. That is the loveliest wedding I've ever seen. It's not flashy and it looks so calm and delightfully old-fashioned. Wonderful job on the photos. I got here via inchmark, just FYI, and I've boomarked both sites! Wonderful!


  5. Wow, this is possibly the most stylish wedding I have ever seen. And the photos? Just fantastic. It looks as though you have truly captured the feeling and the essence of the day. Beautiful.


  6. Wow! Beautiful wedding! I absolutely *LOVE* the photo near the middle where the couple is sitting up straight and looking very prim and proper… it looks like one of those verrrry old photos you see at an antique store! Fantastic!!!


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