been around the world

dudes, look which countries have been to my blog so far today:

United States United States
Brazil Brazil
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Canada Canada
Jamaica Jamaica
Switzerland Switzerland
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Germany Germany
Korea, Republic Of Korea, Republic Of
Italy Italy
Australia Australia
Taiwan Taiwan
France France
Belgium Belgium
Bermuda Bermuda

that is so amazing! I love the world!


10 thoughts on “been around the world

  1. …although you’re missing little ol’ me, all the way across the globe in Portugal, LOL!Love your images, especially all things film, and have been a frequent visitor since discovering your talent by way of Jonathan Canlas’ blog. Congratulations on your beautiful work and the recent well-deserved features in numerous wedding blogs on the internet…


  2. I’ve been had! why didn’t it show portugal?! maybe you were one of the “unknowns”.I love new visitors and I hope you come back frequently.xo.


  3. noelle, it could be meeheeco was not on the list because you hadn’t been to my blog yet when I posted it this morning…this was just a list that had visited by 9am LA time. you need to recognized!!jon, I definitely think being featured on that blog created some brazil buzz. I’ve had international visitors before just fun to make a list. not sure how that blog even found me..awesome though.


  4. and also…..greetings from little lithuania 🙂 🙂 . promise to visit your blog more often, i love it! thank you for beautiful and inspiring posts.


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