been busy

I know my posts have been lacking lately. I have tons of stuff I am editing through that I can’t wait to share (honeymoon film!)…..but this week has been go go girls camp.

I am in charge of planning my church‘s girls camp, for ages 12-18, and it’s kind of like a part time job.

last year turned out great and being at camp is so amazing, but the planning…oh the planning.

tonight is one our first meetings and this is a little flyer I designed for it (thanks julia for prompt leaf removal and thanks istock for the illustration).

camp on the brain!


10 thoughts on “been busy

  1. Seriously?! It's that time again? I feel like you JUST did girls camp. Good luck little duck. Actually, I feel weird calling you that. Good luck duck. Or good lucky miss ducky. Love.


  2. very cool flyer Rach. You're pretty much good at everything aren't you? 🙂 I know you'll do an amazing job with this girls camp, and make a difference in every girl's life. Love ya!


  3. I served as second counselor for almost a year and oh my, what a calling. I fell in love with those girls! Go luck at camp!


  4. ooh i LALALOVE the flyer. the texture! makes you want to know more. nothing like girls camp and being with these teenage girls, no?


  5. I misread the flyer and thought it said "Planet Virtue," which is kind of a cool name too. Maybe it would work as the name of an ultra-clean dance club for teens. Haha!


  6. I can't believe it is time for Girls Camp again. Honestly I am sad to miss it! Those Young Women are lucky to have you Rach.Miss you.


  7. you guys are the nicest!I am so changing the theme to "planet virtue" and getting glow sticks for all the gotham font. I really over use it. sorry other fonts.


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