more of this

remember broek from here, here and here? well…it’s broek’s birthday today! happy birthday broeky! I will be killing it with her on the dance floor later tonight.

thinking about broek, got me thinking about this shoot, which got me thinking about how much I like shooting editorial/fashion stuff.

if any of you extremely good looking blog readers thinks you are the right candidate for a similar shoot or know of someone who may be interested in getting creative and artsy and free thinking and awesome in front of my camera, let a woman know!

also, if you want to donate styling or makeup/hair services we could just take this whole idea by storm and blow up in some publications.

I just want to take photos. lots of photos.


7 thoughts on “more of this

  1. Ok Broek, we get it. Beautiful, talented, hilarious, some girls have all the luck. Despite my envy, I love you anyway! Happy happy birthday Broek!


  2. Aw shucks guys… make me blush. To be fair the most killingest on the dance floor was Nick. For my ego's sake I need to find out if he was doing all that sober.


  3. seriously. that guy was the life of the mini dance party. I need to get way more fun at dance parties. I think if we start them earlier and don't gorge ourselves before hand, maybe that would help. all for the love of broek.


  4. Just found your blog. I love your photography – it's brilliant. I live in UT county, and would love to do pictures sometime.


  5. even though this was posted back on june 5th (and i DID read it that day), i had to (finally) come back and comment because this post was ironic.the day you posted these beautiful pictures, i had SPECIFICALLY commented to andy, my husband, that every girl should get her picture taken in a texture-y meadow (just like this!!)… because we had JUST gone hiking and passed some gorgeous fields. and when you walk thru, grazing your fingers on all the grasses and wildflowers, you can't help but feel feminine and a little pretty. i was wearing unphotogenic clothes, but i remember imagining a sundress and barefeet.unfortunately, i am probably not that "right candidate" you call for… alas, a girl can daydream. LOVE this work : )


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