once wed

tess and adam strike again!

their wedding is being shared today on once wed’s amazing site. once wed also has a real weddings section that is featuring this lovely wedding.

thanks once wed! your site is beautiful! (can’t wait to see the airstream wedding!)

…and thanks tess and company for planning such an inspirational wedding. when couples plan a wedding that is personal and meaningful, others are drawn to that thought and care. I just wish everyone could have tasted the chocolate and passion fruit cake. I probably think about that cake once a day.


5 thoughts on “once wed

  1. You're photography is amazing! Makes me wish we didn't book a photographer for our wedding yet!! Hope you keep the weddings coming on your blog!


  2. Thanks Rachel for posting this, I just saw it today! The Once Wed site is cool, I had not heard of it. It's funny, I actually hadn't heard of ANY of these sites BEFORE our wedding…But thanks to your great photography I have lots of beautiful photos from our wedding. I'm glad you loved the passion fruit cake 🙂 It was a nod to Adam's mission in Brazil.


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