fancy phone

just picked up on of these bad boys today. white 32gb. no big deal.

as of right now I can’t dial out from my old phone or new, but who needs to make calls! I have my own mini computer! (things in mini are the best, take rob and big’s mini horse for example).

any favorite apps y’all can’t live without? I need to get on the iphone train, and fast!


8 thoughts on “fancy phone

  1. Oh my, I love Rob & Big.I have Scramble on my phone, as well as several other games that are a lot of fun–but I think I play Scramble the most. iPhones are fun–way to go!


  2. oh iphone. they are amazing, aren't they? 😀 i got one not too long ago, so i'm still collecting apps as i go along. my favorites so far: bejeweled 2, toobz (the free version), and pandora. browse the app store and download all the freebies that catch your eye. you can simply delete anything whenever you feel like it. so easy.


  3. The basics: facebook, myspace, fandango, and twitterfon are must haves. I also like scrabble, pandora, kindle, lose it!, urban spoon,, trailers lite, and Kerry likes HoldEm.Have fun.x


  4. After working at The Apple Store, I must say…It's about freakin time! You're going to love it! Changed my life (I'm on #3) as of yesterday.


  5. I have been calling u all day! Now I know why you can't answer! Love the phone, love u more! Call when it gets set up……. My favorite apps……. Facebook, USA today, shazam, and connect 4Xoxo


  6. haha. i think you need that one beer app. the one that makes it look like you're actually drinking from a mug of beer, and the liquid even slopes as you "chug" your iPhone… it's got foam and everything, like the real thing… ???!!!??!? insane. who THOUGHT of that?? and why do you need to PRETEND you're drinking? and if you DO need to pretend, WHO believes you?? oh wait… i suppose maybe everyone else around you is drunk, and then in that case, maybe it's quite believable… haha. you should look it up at least. hilarious.


  7. oh and one of my favorite things about iPhones is that when you text with a friend, you have an ongoing "conversation." which i LOVE. because there are just some people in your life with whom your "conversation" never ends, you know what i mean? for example, like you already know, with my sisters, we begin even our phone conversations with conjunctions bc we're picking up right where we left off (i.e. "and so i was thinking…")


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