harper grey

this baby was so tiny and new when I photographed her, that her umbilical cord was still in. for some reason this really hit me. new, new life.

she was completely perfect. perfect skin, perfect demeanor, perfect little lips and hands and feet…and I do have to say perfect style. this should come as no surprise given that both her parents are amazing designers and artists (her mom is the president of clever creative and her dad is the president of gabor + allen, a design, build and landscape company).

jonathan adler ceramics and other sentimental and beautiful art adorned the nursery and the rest of the house. I’m already excited at the prospect of photographing her when she is sitting because they had so many amazing chairs. I especially loved the simple “grey” onesie she wore. classic and simple. LOVE.

thank you for letting me inside your inspiring home to photograph your precious little bundle. I ate up every minute.



11 thoughts on “harper grey

  1. Rachel-I love these images. I am getting so tired of the standard newborn shots, and these are much more of the documentary style I go for when I shoot. You captured the real beauty of this lovely family so nicely. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The one with her little still-peeling baby skin on her hand with her dad's thumb on her shoulder is sublime. Seriously great work. As always.


  3. Just discovered your blog and am loving looking through all your amazing photos. You are amazing, incredible, inspiring. So glad I found it.


  4. thanks everyone! that little harper is the real star. in fact I wish I could just smoosh her up right now. newborn babies are so delicious.


  5. hi rachel – beautiful pictures! i've been thinking a lot about getting some pictures of my little man before he gets too big (3 weeks old today!). you probably don't have a free moment in your schedule, but i'd love to talk to you about possibly taking some shots if you're available. xoxo, caroline


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