camera + big trees

more photos from our holiday weekend tomorrow. xo.

6 thoughts on “camera + big trees

  1. Hi Rachel, We use to live in Alaska. We loved your family. I was looking for Martha Hirt's email address on google, and the internet connected me with your blog. Wow!! You are an awesome photographer. Is your dad still the Mission President in Texas. My husband, Ken and I are leaving on a mission to the Czech Prague Mission. We go into the MTC this Monday. Please tell your parents hi for us. We saw the picture of Kelly Elbert's baby shower on your blog. I remember that shower. I hope all is going well for you and your family. Give them all our love. Marilyn Anderson


  2. Is that the camera I got for you? I hope it is… it makes me feel like I am apart of the magic. 🙂 Your amazing! XO


  3. kate, yes my dear its the land camera you picked up for me for around…5 bucks! love that camera! awesome poloroids.tracee, 330 poloroid land camera. lover it.marilyn,so good to hear from you! yes my parents are still serving in texas for another year. good luck on your mission! my parents will be excited to hear about it if they haven't already. I will tell them a hello from the alaska andersons!xo-rachel


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