blueberry parfait

I think this is the summer of the blueberry. so good. I can’t stop.

fresh organic blueberries
trader joe’s organic vanilla yogurt
and vanilla almond granola.

simple and yum.


4 thoughts on “blueberry parfait

  1. ah… perfection. truly. I LOVE THAT COMBO. my husband isn't crazy about cereal with yogurt, but i think THAT'S crazy. what could be more summer??i have glass jars lining my counter, filled with the basics: flour, sugar, rice, oatmeal, and–whaddayaknow–vanilla almond granola!!also, i have a 16-month-old with blue eyes, and since you know what my family and I look like, you know it's funny that the dark/asian gene didn't pull through stronger (but my dad has green eyes and my grandfather blue, so…maybe it's not that much of a stretch). ANYways, my point is–her nickname is Blu. short for blueberry. her blue eyes + blueberry-shaped head.and i'm raising her on vanilla almond granola + tj's vanilla yogurt + fresh fruit.(remember how you once said we're sometimes like the same person?? yet again!! when we finally meet, let's have breakfast. and later, avocados.)


  2. trader joe's is a little piece of heaven on earth. their vanilla almond granola is ADDICTING. actually, a lot of things at tj's is addicting.


  3. ok rachel, you just made me get a bowl of that right now! although, i love the lowfat berry granola (it's super yummy)… we go through about 3 tubs of that yogurt a week in my house (me, Mark and the kids)… i'm in love. how are you? your pictures are beautiful. you have such an eye.


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