boulder baby

thanks again to beana and her family for inviting us. this place is a total dreamboat.

grant and I are trying to relish our weekend getaways while they are still easy to do. life only gets more complicated right?

summertime just makes me happy.


9 thoughts on “boulder baby

  1. Rach… thanks for hangin' with the singles and families =) Someday you'll be on our "schedule" (someday soon perhaps *wink wink*) You and Grant are simply adorable with your BBQ Kabobs and Dam Tours. A heavenly match for sure. I miss you already and can't wait for our next adventure! XOXO P.S. I love that you photographed my sparkly Zadabelle shoes… Happiness =)


  2. I can't believe I missed this trip.. These pictures are killin me! You are one amazing photographer.. you are all a bunch of bathing beauties! Trina's hat and umbrella crack me up! I am glad you all had fun without me:( hopefully next year I will not get injured the day before.. Love you Rach!


  3. Rach = Sun worshiping, heat seeking, tan enhancing, tropical godessTrina = Hat toating, umbrella doning, 70 proof sunscrean wearing, "tan in a can" queen =)Teehee.


  4. tropical goddess?! I had nothing on the resident mermaid. ask every inbreed in the mall. they loved themselves some beana time (fingers crossed), alisha you need to be there when we are! how HOT would that be?!


  5. Okay, why did I even bother sending people my crappy photos when you produce AMAZING photos like this!Loved the photos of the tour as well!


  6. jenny, half of my pictures are from grants point and shoot! and I took like 5 whole pictures! thank you for taking the ones you did since apparently I was too hot and relaxed to be bothered with my camera. xo.


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