this family is great. we once did polynesian dances at a party together.

I have no doubt they will be wonderful parents to this little dude. not only does mama come from a fairly huge family, where she helped to raise many small kidlins, but they are both natural and instinctual and obviously in love.

congratulations on getting to this chapter in your life. so many surprises around the corner.

give the wee one a squeeze for me. xo.


6 thoughts on “johnny

  1. you're really good at what you do…and i think the momma and i were in uruguay (for the mish) at the same time… ? …


  2. Rachel, you have done it again! You really captured the love these parents have for their adorable little guy 🙂 The pictures are so warm and creative! My favorite is Caroline and Brian holing their little guy while going in for a smooch! So Freaking Cute!!


  3. the baby is beautiful. better yet, lOVE how you capture the parents expressions so well! all these photos are filled with such love and pure joy in their eyes!! so happy!xo


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