foward texas fort worth!

(moi, pres, boss and banan right at the start of the mish during the 1st zone conf)

grant and I leave today for a short one nighter…back we go to our beloved texas.

as most of you know my parents have been serving as mission presidents for our church in the fort worth texas mission for the last 2+yrs. they have been doing a marvelous job, and although it’s hard/strange at times not to have them at “home”, fort worth has become one of our homes and we will all miss it once they finish up next summer.

we are going this weekend to celebrate my youngest sister’s mission call to MILAN ITALY!!! umm…cool mission sis. and even cooler, my dad served in the exact mission about a 100yrs ago! this weekend will be the first time my whole family can be in the temple together. cool, cool beans.

we are so proud of her. I can’t believe she could actually be old enough to move to a foreign country. I think it should be against the law unless older sisters can come along for protection.

we love you ann! can’t wait to be with you this weekend. onesies in full force!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “foward texas fort worth!

  1. I can remember this picture… it was such a treat to have yall there… I cant believe that it was over two years ago… AND YAY FOR ANNA AS WELL…


  2. Pistachio ice cream and onesies are the best thing ever. Thanks to G for sacrificing so the sisters could match. Kewl beanz indeed!(oh and p.s. I already DID kind of live in the U.K….. albeit 4 months but EVEN SO..)You and Grant need to come stalk me… document a day in the life of a missionary in Milan. Totally against the rules, but just an idea.


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