coming to utah

(photos from an adorable family I photographed last week. more to come once back from camp. I love the triumphant sippy cup shot. cheers to pink milk!)

I will be in salt lake city from august 31st through sept 2nd. I have a few time slots open if anyone is interested in having me photograph..something, anything!

ideas range from babies, couples, documenting a family dinner, swimming, best friends, mortal enemies, awesome people with interesting looks. possibilities are endless.

shoot me an email at, let me know what kind of shoot you are interested in and I will email you back rates and availability.


3 thoughts on “coming to utah

  1. I know these little guys! I'm glad Whitley called you and I'm excited to see the rest, especially the new baby. I haven't seen her yet.PS-I will get our favorite wedding pictures to you, I promise.


  2. love these pictures. and that door. wish you were flying to boston. and you'd take pix of me and Blu in the swings by the river under the gorgeous old New England trees. one day.happy utah trip : )


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