whoolia’s shower

back from camp, with time to finally tackle the photo projects piling up.

here are some shots from julia’s shower that we had at the little blue house last saturday. I was helping to host (along with some other amazing woman) so wasn’t able to shoot as much as I would have liked, but I think you can get the general feeling….fun, happy, dim sum, cupcakes and some candy bars melted in diapers. all I pretty much did was offer up my backyard, colored lanterns and put citrus on the tables.

only a few weeks now till another newborn enters the world.


4 thoughts on “whoolia’s shower

  1. i am starving out the wazoo for something so delish and so NOT mexican right now. so the pictures of the dim sum and those beauitful cupcakes have me salivating like niagara falls. also, if your friend julia checks this blog…julia, i want your mango blouse. like does this come in a non-preggo style or do i need to get pregnant to wear something that cool?


  2. It's been too long since I've visited here! Wow – you have so much great stuff. I've missed it! I miss you! Will you be staying in the 'hood? I'd love to see you. I hope to have something for you to photograph in the hopefully near future, but definitely not by next week 🙂


  3. man my shower looks great with your house. and blouse. haha. noelle – i got the top at an art festival, this guy designed and made it himself and sold it to me for a steal. sorry i can't share the source, i have no idea who he is, but i love his stuff. it's not pregnancy either. rach, loved the party. thanks for taking some pics. sometimes i look back, and think, was the diaper champ really that funny? or did someone tell a joke? loved harold's cupcakes..mm..


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