robyn & mark

the long awaited omaha/iowa wedding finally on the blog.

what a weekend this was! we had such a good time being in “america”. if you haven’t ever been to the middle of america, and you like corn, fields, green, beautiful historic homes, and feeling good, go now. husband and I were in wedding heaven. first, we were shooting at the castle unicorn (hello awesome). second, the weather was amazing. third, there was back light from every angle and we caught amazing sunflares right before the sun went down (happy me). fourth, the tall grass was driving me crazy. fifth, beautiful children. sixth, my grandma was there….and lastly my lovely cousin robyn got married and I was there to witness!!

I couldn’t be more happy for them. we had such a great time catching up on the last 10yrs of our lives. what we really want is to come to the school/mansion and cook in that kitchen with you….or maybe you could skip on over to southern california and we could break into grandma and grandpas pool.

thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of such an important time. I never stop feeling humbled at all the happy moments I get to be so close to. such an honor to be with every wedding couple and document all of the joy.

my job is the best.


5 thoughts on “robyn & mark

  1. what a freakin' awesome couple and wedding. It looks like a lot of fun, a lot of love, and a lot of sun! I love the pic with the tall grass in front of the couple, and they are smaller in the background. Beautiful! So many great images….your cousin is one lucky girl!


  2. Love the pictures – you are amazing as always. It was so fun to see you and meet the hubby! Hope it won't be too long before the next time.


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