the romney family

please let me be blessed with children this adorable.

the 5yr old giggled every time I looked at him and the two year old had 4 outfits changes without a breakdown….and can we just talk about this squishy newborn? she was OUT. we tried waking her up but she was just too sleepy from all the eating and sleeping she does. exhausted.

beautiful children and beautiful home (don’t you just love that door?). thank you for letting me invade!


6 thoughts on “the romney family

  1. These are so great. The children are beautiful, no doubt. But what is that thing you do behind that lens? Pure magic.The profile of the girl with the flower headwrap thing is amazing-lighting, pose or "unpose" as the case may be. So well captured. And the boy at the window, those are all incredible.


  2. Rachel, I love checking out your blog because you always have such beautiful photos! You are so talented and have such a gift. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!


  3. Yes, these kids are pure sweetness, but you are a photography genius. Never underestimate your ability to capture what is already so beautiful. That is a gift. I also love the door… yes, please.


  4. Oh my goodness…so very adorable. You're so good, Rachel. Kent and I want you to be our photographer for life. Is there some sort of contract for that?


  5. nellie- I think we have to become blood sisters for that type of contract. lets make that happen next time we have a knife or a razer blade handy.


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