girls camp 2009

these girls are so amazing. I wish all of you could have been there for testimony meeting the last day. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. I just want so badly for all of them to know the power they hold. their potential is endless. their ability to influence the life’s of others, immense. I hope they left camp feeling a little more of their divinity. I just love them all so much.


10 thoughts on “girls camp 2009

  1. Hi Rachel I follow your blog because I love your photography. I had to pop in. I am 99% certain this is the same camp of my youth. I spent many summers here you captured this place so well.stacyZ


  2. Love the photos…even I don't look horrible. It made me miss it so much to look at them. Isaw Joyce tonight and I was so excited! When does planning for next year start?


  3. Girls Camp. What a great time. I love the whole garden, 'planting virtue' theme. And of course the photos are fantastic. Looks like a very fun time.


  4. RACHEL!! Long time…I'm just catching up here. Did you DARE mock my camp experience when…what is that I see…BUNK BEDS?? Inside?? And eating…INSIDE? Oh dear Rachel, you didn't rough it at all. Looks like so much fun…and CLEAN. Camp Cushy is more like it. 🙂 The girls are lucky to have you. And…I loved camp as well. But I was much more slanted and dirty than you were. 🙂


  5. dear anonymous,I have no idea who you are! nor do I remember mocking anyone's camp experience….my apologies if I did. and just to set the record strait I did NOT pick the campsite. I was busy getting married. I would always rather tent camp and cook over a fire (which I did 3 other times this summer). to be totally honest those cabins and mess hall grossed me out more than going a'naturale. years of smells and oh, the flys!!! I had to respond because NO ONE is allowed to call me a cushy camper! NO ONE!


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