new toys

this, this and this came in he mail from b&h this week. christmas in september!

as a child there was no way of knowing how much I would grow to love “gear”.


9 thoughts on “new toys

  1. What on earth are you going to be shooting with the 70-200? I kind of wish that I had one (or any L lens, for that matter) sometimes when I'm shooting sports. I'm just curious, because it seems like it isn't wide enough for most of the stuff that you do.


  2. I love my 70-200. It rarely comes off my camera. Congratulations. Let me know how you like the battery pack. I'm researching OCF options.


  3. tracee- usually my 28-70 2.8 with my 17-40 4.0 and 85 1.4, occasionaly. can't wait to use my new stuff at a wedding I'm shooting tomorrow!!!turbo- dude! through crowds, wedding ceremonies, travel….tons! I know it's not an everyday lens but I needed a telephoto to add to the collection. I am excited to slap that 50mm on for an everyday len though. that's probably my average range.kris- so far the battery pack is great. it only takes about 2secs (or less) between charges. I needed it for the times I HAVE to use a flash. event photography, receptions…


  4. Yeah, the 50mm, is great. It was the first prime lens that I ever purchased. In tight quarters though, it doesn't really go wide enough for me (especially since I'm not using a full chip). So, I have a 30mm that I probably use the most. It also opens up to f/1.4, so even in low light I can get some super buttery images. The next lens that I'm perving on, is the 50mm 1.2L.Nothing like getting new stuff. Trying out new toys is the best. Have fun!


  5. Yum! I'm having Christmas in September next week. I just LOVE my 50 mm 1.4 for just about everything, so much so in fact that I'm getting the 1.2!


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