stoker family

another day shooting in a family’s home and I always love the results…crazy, comfortable and fancy free.

I have a slight obsession with this little family. their house is awesome and their yard, even better. janet has done all of the gardening and it is seriously beautiful. We talked about some of my most favorite subjects, photography, food, tomatoes, cooking, travel, family relationships,parenting etc…..

I really wished grant and I lived closer so we could try to copy everything they do and say.

major family crush. love you guys!


5 thoughts on “stoker family

  1. Oh i love these. The personalities are captured perfectly! The piled picture of kids i just hear Simon screaming that everyone is on him.Love you Stoker FamGreat job Rachel!


  2. will you come out and shoot me and my family? i'm not kidding. we'll talk.just like you did here… i just think you'd be able to capture the things i adore about the ones i love. and that means everything!!


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