she said yes!

my sister kate is marrying jake!! engagement official and wedding date set for december. I am pretty excited. I can’t stop daydreaming about the perfect photo shoot locations for their engagements and her bridals…..they must be perfect!…but I have my concerns that no photo will do her beauty justice. from the lines of “sound of music”, ” how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand”? not easy, but I will try.

kate+jake= great

more photos from that one awesome night at classic skating…


5 thoughts on “she said yes!

  1. i decided today that i needed to start leaving comments again, didn't stop for any reason but laziness…BUT you're pics are just to beautiful not to talk about. I wish i didn't live on the east coast…oh how would i love a family shoot day at our little house. even i have a crush on this cute little family. so for the last few posts…great family shots…grant is a dreamboat (what's up with the birthday present…i'm getting a pair of boots:( and oh yes…LOVE the bangs. rock on sista.


  2. hahaha ahhhh I just was looking over the ol' blog again and laughed way hard at that picture of Jake skating alone. It's so epic!! I LOVE CLASSIC!Thanks for the party.Next time, engagement shots???kiss


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